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150,00 EGP

  • Official Cozmo Product. Manufactured & Printed in the A.R.E.
  • 100% High Quality Cotton, Comfy and Looks Great.
  • Design Will Not Fade, Peel or Crack Even After Washing Multiple times.
  • Cutting-Edge Digitally Printed Logos.
  • Ready to Order. Takes 2-5 Business Days to Work Our Magic.
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Richard John “Dick” Grayson is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Batman.

When his girlfriend is supposedly shot and killed, Dick Grayson quits as Robin and goes off to fight crime as Nightwing. While doing so he comes into the path of Deathstroke and has to defeat him before he kills again.

Dick Grayson, former batman sidekick, is now nightwing, a solo vigilante crime fighter who left because of his girlfriend’s “murder”. Now as nightwing he must face his possibly greatest challenge yet, the unstable super soldier Deathstroke.

Top cast
Danny Shepherd … as Dick Grayson
Bob Lee Dysinger … as Deathstroke
Stephen Manley … as Willy Wintergreen
Michael Tylo … as Deathstroke
Greg Miller … as Angry Newscaster
Deana Deatherage … as Vesper Fairchild
Stu Chaiken … as Hamilton Hill
Sabrea Lawrence … as Jazz Singer
Joe Palubinsky … as Mayor David Redhorn
Lenna Karacostas … as Barbara Gordon
Noel Schefflin … as Jason Todd
Jake Taylor … as Joker
Joe Greer … as Commissioner Gordon
Scott Kinworthy … as Bruce Wayne
David Breslow … as Bill Betters
Adam Kilbourn … as Superman
Nailya Shakirova … as Club Waitress

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