It’s August 1962; the end of an era, and the start of a new one; and the last night of your summer vacation. You and your friends are going to spend the night dancing at the hop, road racing, getting into trouble, trying to stay clear of the Pharaohs greaser gang, listening to Wolfman Jack on the radio, generally goofing around, and thinking about what the future holds in store. But, amidst all this, there’s that mysterious blonde. The one in the white Thunderbird who pulled up opposite you and mouthed, “I love you.” Who is she? And who are all those unknown actors such as Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfus, and Ron Howard? Whoever they are they, and you, need to wear.

A group of teenagers in California’s central valley spend one final night after their 1962 high school graduation cruising the strip with their buddies before they pursue their varying goals.

It’s the proverbial end of the summer 1962 in a small southern California town. It’s the evening before best friends and recent high school graduates, Curt Henderson and Steve Bolander, are scheduled to leave town to head to college back east. Curt, who received a lucrative local scholarship, is seen as the promise that their class holds. But Curt is having second thoughts about leaving what Steve basically sees as their dead end town. Curt’s beliefs are strengthened when he spots an unknown beautiful blonde in a T-bird who mouths the words “I love you” to him. As Curt tries to find that blonde while trying to get away from a local gang who have him somewhat hostage, Curt may come to a decision about his immediate future. Outgoing class president Steve, on the other hand, wants to leave, despite meaning that he will leave girlfriend, head cheerleader and Curt’s sister, Laurie Henderson, behind. Steve and Laurie spend the evening “negotiating” the state of their relationship. Meanwhile, two of their friends cruise around town for the evening. Steve has left his car to meek and mild-mannered Terry “Toad” Fields to look after during his absence. The wheels give Toad a new sense of confidence, which he uses to try and impress Debbie Dunham, a more experienced girl generally out of his league. And John Milner, who is seen as the king of the street race in his souped-up yellow deuce coupe, tries to get rid of precocious pre-teen, Carol Morrison, who has somehow become his passenger for the evening, while dealing with the challenge of bold out-of-towner.

Top cast
Richard Dreyfuss … as Curt
Ron Howard … as Steve
Paul Le Mat … as John
Charles Martin Smith … as Terry
Cindy Williams … as Laurie
Candy Clark … as Debbie
Mackenzie Phillips … as Carol
Wolfman Jack … as Disc Jockey
Bo Hopkins … as Joe
Manuel Padilla Jr. … as Carlos
Beau Gentry … as Ants
Harrison Ford … as Bob Falfa
Jim Bohan … as Holstein
Jana Bellan … as Budda
Deby Celiz … as Wendy
Lynne Marie Stewart … as Bobbie
Terence McGovern … as Mr. Wolfe(as Terry McGovern)
Kathleen Quinlan … as Peg(as Kathy Quinlan)

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